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Born in Borneo and raised in tropical Malaysia, Natalia has lived in a world abundant with coconut trees. A former hotelier with significant experience in sustainable tourism leads her to develop a strong go-green mindset.


Immersed in her own Asian culture, since her childhood she has been living with and consuming different types of coconut products in the form of coconut oil, water and milk, using them to cook and bake - well-known uses by many in her culture. Believe it or not, virgin coconut oil has saved the life of one of her friends. He suffered from gout for many years, a painful ailment affecting body joints. In Borneo, many locals consume virgin coconut oil as a natural remedy and faithfully, he took it. Today he is fully healed, running around steadily thanks to the benefit of virgin coconut oil. 


Since a young age, Natalia has been living with these treasured coconuts and it is her dream to create an all-round, plant-based coconut project making use of the roots, fruit and leaves to create a versatile range of culinary and cosmetic products. This is just the beginning of the Nizuw Coco movement. In her sunny tropical homeland with neighbouring countries growing coconut trees, locals view coconut as one of the most valuable trees in life for as long the tree continues to thrive. As an avid coconut lover and believer, she wants to openly share “the wonders of the coconut” and her own real-life experience to guide people into an even deeper understanding of how this magical Tree of Life can be further cherished.

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