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Nizuw Coco is a caring brand that brings you natural food and beauty products extracted from 100% pure coconut, free from chemicals and additives. 


We aim to share nature’s holistic wellbeing with the world; a gift we deeply respect and are grateful for.


We source directly from and work responsibly with our local harvesters to deliver the very best coconut oil merchandise.


We take meticulous care to nurture a virtuous relationship with our harvesters, suppliers, distributors & customers, maximising the value of what we are building together for all. 


We form close bonds with local growers in Sri Lanka and Borneo supporting them to generate additional income from left-over materials from the oil extraction process. We also help them in their short-term process of conversion to organic farming in order to obtain an international certification ensuring the quality of their product. It is these human relationships that we hold most dear; ensuring everyone’s welfare contributes to a high-quality product.


Our goal is to inspire you to make more ethically responsible choices in your day-to-day life. Together we can start improving the ecological, social and economic wellbeing for ourselves, our communities and the natural world around us.

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